Meet India’s Youngest Transgender Naina Singh, Who’s Dwelling Each Second To Its Fullest!


Naina was born a boy.

Naina felt like a lady.

Going through puberty, like us all, she was faced with an identity crisisone thing we all face, only that her dilemma was one thing extra than simply intervals or moist dreams and ejaculations.

Naina felt like a woman and aspired to be one. She lastly took a call to change into a girl and spoke out bravely in entrance of her complete faculty.

In the present day, she is a powerful lady, with womanly quirks and womanly wants, like for instance, she desires a gown that’s conservative however slutty on the identical time. Now Delhi got here up with a superb video that mirrored all she has gone by means of.

Like many ladies we meet, she additionally says “like” rather a lot.

Naina is gorgeous, and we want her all one of the best for all times!