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Is the new Google Pixel the new Apple?

“GO” ogle   “PIX” el

As they say, we find things where we lost them, and it’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure for all these years google carried out OS for all the companies and made a series of mobiles by the name NEXUS. But, didn’t think about making their own phone. And now we have Google pixel which picks off from where the google nexus has left.Google nexus are the Google phones with different manufacturers (HTC, Samsung, and LG).Whereas Google Pixel is all Google. Both hardware and software and it is the first Google phone to be done so.

Pixel phone by google.

It has been a long time a major company made its own software and hardware. Just like apple devices and its IOS Google started on its own. With a great leap from NEXUS to PIXEL, as said in SPIDER-MAN Movie with great power comes great responsibility that is true in the case of google now. With its involvement in design has a great responsibility and greater impact. Till now Google made all the device on a contract basis. But, for the pixel, it has done its own research and development along with engineering and its design work from the past year. The final product was really impressive.

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As it is the stock android, we can say it is the best android available in the market.
Keeping that in mind it’s the top end mobile in competition with Samsung galaxy series and iPhone. Pixel is available in two variants pixel which is showcased with a 5-inch screen and another is Pixel XL which has 5.5 inches respectively, Both which have the resolution of 1440 * 2560 and runs with Qualcomm snapdragon 1.6 Gigahertz quad-core processor along with 4 GB of ram and 32 GB of internal storage. The camera includes the 12.3-megapixel rear camera and the 8-megapixel front camera the only backlog of the camera is that it doesn’t have an optical image stabilization. Coming to the battery it has a good 2770 MAH battery and 3450 MAH battery for pixel and pixel XL respectively.

So, what is new you ask? There are several interesting, new and not so great things about the pixel.
· It’s the new google assistant
· New interface/ New launcher
· New fingerprint scanner on the back with some handy features
· Nothing great about design. Google kept it simple and basic
· Battery life and performance. Can be used for heavy multi-tasking
. No water proof or water resistance is a backdrop but nevertheless

Google enters royal rumble of India
It comes out of a box with android 7.1 operating system which is android nougat. On paper, this phone sounds more than adequate and can still outrun many other phones with similar aspects.

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But, with a price range of 57000 INR and 67000 INR for pixel and pixel XL accordingly. It is slightly over priced for the Indian market. One plus 3 hitting the market with similar futures and being affordable may affect the impact of PIXEL. Whether it’s Apple, Samsung or Google, it doesn’t make a difference which maker claims the major segment of the market in India. As India is a price sensitive market. It is dominated by cell phone producers that have offerings for a starting level and mid-range segment. Indian phone market is one of the biggest cell phone markets compared to all other countries and its increasing in a rapid phase. Henceforth, it is fascinating that Google infiltrates the cell phone market and makes a solid, dependable, balanced and consistent from now on with its new Pixel Phones in India. However,

Henceforth, it is fascinating that Google infiltrates the cell phone market and makes a solid, dependable, balanced and consistent from now on with its new Pixel Phones in India. However,
Talking of true Android feel which comes with the pixel. It will be the primary choice for many. But would rather choose pixel over others if it was little affordable. It would be great if Google plans any smaller mid ranged versions of PIXEL say pixel mini or so. It has the true potential to take the Indian market with a whirlpool.

Many would opt pixel in a long run, as it fulfills all the needs of an android user if it still wants itself to be chosen by an IOS user that is going to be interesting. As android always has a bigger leap compared to third party apps this new change may turn their way. Few changes in design, adding small things like optical image stabilization and water proof can make an already good phone better.

Have a look at the google promotional video from google.


Exciting isn’t it? Want to own your own pixel?


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